About Us

Bongchie India Pvt. Ltd.
 Founded in 2014, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of the finest pre-rolled cones in India.
We take pride in being the pioneers in introducing the concept of pre-rolled cones in the country popularly known by our brand “Perfect roll”.
Our company name today has become a synonym for rolling papers in India.

With state-of-the-art factories, a workforce of 2,000 + we offer high quality products by the use of superior manufacturing procedures and
multiple layers of strict quality checks, ensuring each of our product manufactured is of top quality.

Our mission is to bring forth ease, comfort and quality. We are striving to uncomplicate the act of smoking.

Bongchie makes it easy so you can take it easy.

Our Quality Policy

Bongchie India Private Limited aims to offer high-quality products by the use of high-quality manufacturing procedures and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the times.

Keeping in mind the importance of customer feedback for the overall growth of the company, it is the duty of the director, the management and the staffs to implement the observations thus received and develop standards that meet and often exceed the expectations that our customers have set for us.

Only then by offering a product, that is an outcome of a procedure that has evolved from tirelessly working through a loop of feedback and growth, we can aim for long term success for every individual involved with the company.

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